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We have more than 10.000 cobots installed in businesses worldwide today. Here you can find fan video

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The Ancona-based company won first price

928 views June 27, 2017

The Ancona-based company and the Genoese institute thus combined quality with quality – and won...

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A Robot Learns To Jointly Assemble A...

302 views May 15, 2017

Human robot collaboration. Learning the collaborative ropbot to jointly assemble a leg rocket...

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Making a 3D print with collaborative robots

484 views May 02, 2017

Timelapse of 15 hour 3D print. The printer is an Ultimaker 2+, and we used two Universal UR5...

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Packaging project with a Universal robot

384 views February 07, 2017

Shout out to @Oli.le.roy for this cool project.

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Danish students playing with Collaborative robots

191 views January 26, 2017

It's really easy to program our robots - see these Danish students playing with one of our UR5...

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Universal Robots and Robotiq

233 views January 26, 2017

Application with one of our UR5 cobots and a Robotiq gripper.

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UR10 Cobot in drilling application

602 views January 26, 2017

Demonstration of how a UR10 collaborative robot does a drilling application

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A UR3 Cobot in Soldering & Dispensing...

337 views January 26, 2017

Our UR3 cobot is displayed in a soldering and dispensing application by our partner Gerenga

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Collaborative robots from Universal Robots in...

167 views January 26, 2017

True collaborative robots at Selha Group work alongside their human co-workers

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How can I help ?

115 views January 26, 2017

How can collaborative robots help your business. Find out if our cobots can help you automate.